The Windy City has seen a tough couple of years with the murders in the city getting higher and higher as the years pass. The gang violence and murders show no signs of slowing down and no one seems to have an answer for the problems that plague the city.

Lil Durk released “Remember My Name” earlier this year and that did plenty for the city musically. The socially aware “500 Homicides” gets a set of visuals here in an attempt to address the problems within Chicago.

The video starts off with a news anchor revealing that the city has reached a sad milestone with the city racking up 500 murders, and mentioning that in 3 years 270 children have died as a result of the violence as well. Durk stands strong in the face throughout the video addressing gangsters that are pulling the trigger for no reason.  

“500 Homicides” is a reminder of why Lil Durk is currently winning and is a reminder of “Dis Ain’t What You Want,” which helped Durk blow up in the first place. 

Check the video out below.


About The Author J. Davis

20. Michigan State University Junior.

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