If you’ve never seen Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network series you should check it out sometime. He has a ton of special guests and many gems are told and talked about on the show, from Snoop and the special guests alike.

In the latest edition he sat down with actor Michael Rapaport who’s a huge Hip-Hop fan and the two wowed and praised each other throughout while dropping a lot of facts and sharing stories.

The most interesting one was probably the story of how Tupac and Snoop met and eventually became friends over a blunt. The moment was tense (because Snoop had a bunch of gang members with him) and Snoop offered Pac his joint to which Pac handed him his blunt. Snoop asked Pac what it was and from there Pac showed him how to roll it. The rest is history. The most interesting part of the story is the fact that Michael Rapaport witnessed the whole thing!

There are a ton of facts in this interview so if you’re a Hip-Hop head check it out below. 

Side note, Snoop has never performed Lil’ Ghetto Boy live? That’s crazy.

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