This hasn’t been a standup year for the Australian rapper and things just got worse when the person who has had her back through it all also says he is wiping his hands of her chaos.

In a recent Interview with Hot 97 T.I. had on hesitation in discussing where his relationship currently stood with his artist Iggy Azalea by alluding to the notion that she is now his former artist. He made a few things clear listeners in saying he had gotten fed up with constantly having to bail Iggy out of sticky situations and that the Q-Tip incident was the icing on the cake. At that point he felt it was time give Iggy and her Team space to figure it out while he was done “blocking bullets,” for her and she not taking heed to his wisdom and advice to keep from putting herself back in the same situations over and over. Check out his full interview below if you missed it.

After the Interview made airways Iggy wasted no time in jumping on Twitter to give her half. Iggy’s tweets indicate that she was blindsided by this whole ordeal and maintains her allegiance in still being signed to and doing business with T.I.  Sounds sticky? Check out her full rant via below. Only thing we can conclude is that Iggy and T.I are not on the same page.

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