Welp, we know the Beyhive is going to have a good night, tonight.

Moments ago, Naughty Boy released his new song with Beyonce after a series of teasers set the internet on a stake out for new vocals from Queen Bey.  In the new song, Beyoncé and featured artist Arrow Benjamin give up the emotions and fears they are running from with a significant other.

Beyonce’s haunting vocals start the song, as she sings:

These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel, the way I feel… I’m standing still/ Nothing else matters now your not here, so where are you/ I’ve been calling you/ I’m missing you..”

The video is available for your viewing pleasure below.

The song is also available on iTunes, per Naughty Boy’s latest tweet.

  How do we feel about the song?  Let us know in the comment section. The boss man played the song on his Beats 1 show and is a fan.  Are you?  

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