At just the mere age of fourteen Willow Smith continues to show that she is more in-tune with her emotions and provoking thought on a deeper level than probably anyone at one at her age. Her parents have always taught and encouraged Willow to be individual and stand up for what she believes in. Willow definitely does that having no problem standing far away from the crowd.

Her artistry has evolved so much since we heard her first in “Whip My Hair” and these days she is asking the bigger questions and things that most teens deal with like alienation, having unsupportive parents and dealing with one’s emotions in her new single “Why Don’t You Cry.”

The video takes a very free flow nature and features Nicole Ari Parker and Dwayne Martin as the non-understanding and unsupportive parents of the teen. In one scene things become very intense when her father rips up a poster of Willow in front of her face. Willow becomes very distraught as her mother is on the edge watching it unfold. Willow’s big bro Trey also gives us a cameo as her Dj in the video.

Check out the emotional dialogue in Why Don’t You Cry below.

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