Last week, Erica Mena revealed that she’d miscarried a child with her fiancé, Bow Wow, around the 4-month mark. She’d posted a photo of herself alongside an emotional poem about wanting to meet her unborn child and the pain the miscarriage has caused her.

She deleted the post, but then later spoke to Global Grind on her reasons for sharing:

“I know it was hard for me, so I felt the need to speak. I know the guilt you tend to feel as a woman and I just wanted to speak to help any other female who might be in that very position.”

She went into further explanation on Twitter:

“I’m open about it.I know I’m not the only one. Speaking my mind has always helped me deal & heal.So I’m NEVER Ashamed. Can you say the same? See we are already past all that. It just so happened that LIFE happened & something told me Speak On It! Someone else needs this right now.”

While people have been supportive during Erica’s grieving period, her fiance Bow Wow, didn’t seem to appreciate her sharing this info with the world. Bow Wow put out a video on Instagram blasting Erica for putting it on social media five months after it happened. He shamed her for seeking attention on social media, even though he was obviously doing the same by making the video.

In the video he said:

“5 months late. Tuh. First and foremost, I feel like telling your personal business on social media – I feel like that’s one of the lamest and corniest things you possibly could do. I feel like it’s attention seeking, especially when it’s news that happened 5 months ago. It’s nothing recent. It’s not recent. It’s 5 months ago. Y’all know me. I’ma always keep it a buck. You don’t wait until now. Do it then, that’s it! 5 months ago. This ain’t nothing new. I sound like Allen Iverson. 5 months ago? Damn. 5 months ago! Not now. Not right now, not last month…5 months ago! Come on, babe. Come on, shorty.”

Reports are saying that Erica has removed any traces of Bow Wow off of her Instagram page, rightfully so because that was f’boy behavior. Unfortunately, Erica’s happily ever after post-Love & Hip-Hop won’t happen with Bow Wow. Hopefully she’ll find the peace she deserves after such a loss.

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