Can this really be?

Meek Mill captioned a photo on his Instagram ” #fuckboyseason lol” hours after Drake and Future released their joint mixtape What A Time To Be Alive. Meek already “left the boy no options” in July after Meek claimed that Drake uses a ghost writer in which Drake followed up the accusations with two diss records, “Charged Up” and “Back To Back”. As many would believe, Drake won that war. There has been an unprecedented number of funny memes made at Meek’s expense and Drake even wore a “Free Meek” shirt as he rehersed for his OVO Fest in Canada. To make matter worse,  Drake preformed with a slide show of the memes behind him as be preformed his now famous diss records. Drake is said to have dissed Meek yet again on “30 for 30 Freestyle” a new song on the Drake and Future collaboration. Drake says ” I say hats off for a solid effort/ but we did’nt flinch for a second/ we got our sh-t together”. He then says ” The pen is working if you n—as need some ghost lines/ I thought you wanted yours like I want mine”. Fan’s even took to Meek’s Instagram comments to leave diamonds, which are presented on the front of What A Time To Be Alive, to show what side they are on.

The people have spoken.Now, lets hope, for Meek’s sake, that he stay seated.

#fuckboyseason lol

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