2015 will probably go down in history as a great year for Hip-Hop and last night Drake & Future added another album that will be apart of what made the year such a prominent one. September has seen a number of highly anticipated projects, which include Travis $cott’s “Rodeo,” Jay Rock’s “90059,” Mac Miller’s “GO:OD am” and a few mixtapes From Migos, Young Thug T.I. & Rick Ross.

After a ton of speculation, a few trolls, and finally a confirmation from Drake “What A Time To Be Alive” was released from the duo. The internet has been buzzing for a couple weeks now about a tape from the two after a ton of clues lead everyone to believe that the two were doing something together. Drake finally confirmed it at a show in Atlanta saying “Sunday will be madness” and it was indeed. For the rest of the weekend the “Where Ya At” duo posted pictures in the studio together and even a video saying a little about the tape.

“Damn, we never, ever thought this would happen,” Future chuckles in the 15-sec clip. “This sh*t shouldn’tve never happened. Who let it happen?”

We don’t know who let it happen, but whoever did we thank you.

The tape was first debuted on OVO Radio in a clean version then released via apple music at 8 o’clock after being ran back to back twice. The tape is 11 tracks long with no features and has Metro Boomin’ taking care a bulk of the production with 8 tracks on “What A Time To Be Alive.” Metro is also listed as the executive producer on the album. You can buy the tape here via Apple Music and stream it here.

Let us know how you feel about WATTBA” in the comment section below.

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