Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson said during an interview on Sunday that Islam is not “consistent” with American values and the Constitution and that a Muslim should never be president.
In a latest poll, Carson is top three behind Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. During his interview with Meet The Press, the presidential hopeful said a president’s faith is important, but his view on a Muslim candidate’s fitness for office directly contradicts Article VI of the Constitution, which states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office.” Meanwhile, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is still continuing to be loud and wrong, when asked if he’d be comfortable with a Muslim president. “Some people have said it already happened, frankly,” he said, obviously referring to President Obama who is a Christian.

Carson and Trump’s comments are very dangerous, not only because they are completely wrong and outrageous, but because in a country of ‘No Child Left Behind’, some people may not take the time to research these statements. All Muslims are not terrorist, they do not go against “American values”, as I recall this is supposed to be the land of the “free,” right? And there’s supposed a separation of church and state, correct? So anyone of any religious background can run for what they would like. The scary part is that these people are being taken seriously as candidates.

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