Rick Ross lost his lawsuit against LMFAO for remixing the lyrics from his hit song “Hustlin” for their hit song ” Party Rock Anthem”.

In the song, LMFAO says ” Everyday I’m shufflin”, a very obvious take off of Ross’ lyric “Everyday I’m hustlin” from the 2006 hit. Ross sued for copyright infringement on merchandise but the U.S courts did not agree. U.S District Judge Kathleen Williams ruled that:

” The question presented, however, is not weather the lyrics of Hustlin’, as arranged in their entirety, are subject to copyright protection. The question is whether the use of a three word phrase appering in the musical composition, divorced from the accompanying music, modified and subsequently printed on merchandise, constitutes an infringement of the musical composition ‘Hustlin’. The anwser, quite simply, is that it does not”.

LMFAO made a massive amount of money from the song which amassed over 10 million digital downloads. Ross may not be able to get a piece of the revenue from the merchandise but he can still sue for the legal portion of copyright infringement.

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