Tracy Morgan surprised us all when he made an emotional return to the Emmy’s fifteen months after a fatal six car crash that left Morgan in a coma with several broken bones. Morgan was the evenings final presenter. He received a standing ovation as to stepped on stage to present the award for Outstanding Drama.

Morgan stood on stage full of emotion and told the audience, ” I miss you guys so much… Last year Jimmy Kimmel stood on this stage and said ‘ We’ll see you back here next year, Tracy Morgan’. Thanks to my doctors and my beautiful wife, I’m here standing on my own two feet”. While this was a rather somber and emotional moment for the comedian, he still managed to do what he does best, crack a few jokes. When referring to the crash, Morgan said ” When I finally regained consciousness, I was just ecstatic to learn I wasn’t the one who messed up”. He also stated that he was beginning to “fell like himself again” which meant that “alot of the women gonna get pregnant at the after party”.

This was Morgans first appearance at a Hollywood event since horrible highway accident that left him severely injured but claimed the life of his good friend James McNair. A speeding Walmart truck driver crashed into a limo bus that was carrying Morgan and McNair. Morgan has since then sued and settled with the department store chain.

Morgan will make his return to SNL this fall. He is set to host the October 17th episode and will be joined with Demi Lovato as the musical guest.

Watch the video below.

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