For those who thought Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill weren’t a serious thing, we now have more from the two proving they indeed are. The two constantly post pictures with and of one another on their respective social media outlets, so why not do a full shoot?

The couple recently did a shoot with GQ Magazine. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth shot the spread, and if the 30-second clip previewed is any indication of the shoot it will be a steamy one.

In the preview, “Omeeka” gets up close and personal in the backseat of a car that’s probably super expensive. Mercedes Pullman maybe? Nicki bends over into Meek’s lap, stares into his eyes and teases him with kisses. Meek, being Meek counts a couple bands while this is going on. If this isn’t goals we don’t know what is.

Below check the video and even a few pics Meek uploaded to Instagram.

Photo Gallery


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