With all that’s going on with race inequality in 2015, one can just turn on the news and realize that America is going backwards. As the¬†presidential campaigns on their way, one of the key issues Americans want to discuss and see a change in is racial inequality. The major movement #BlackLivesMatter started due to the police brutality and unjust way law enforcement handles African Americans in comparison to whites.

PBS conducted a study that aimed at getting a better understanding on the current status of what the public thinks about how race has been perceived the last few years in America. It’s definitely taken the turn to the left, where it’s shown it’s declined. According to the study, 58 percent of Americans (regardless to race) would agree that race relations have worsened in 2015.

The difference strikes when equality is discussed more specifically. When asked “do African Americans and Whites have the same the same opportunity in equal justice?” majority of Whites said yes, while only 11 percent of black people would agree with them.

The survey also included on thought about #BlackLivesMatter movement asking if it was really a movement or just a slogan. While majority of African Americans agreed that it was a movement, 59 percent of whites said it was a “distraction” while 48 percent of all respondents (regardless of race) agreed it was a movement as well.

Take a look at the results in more detail below.





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