After dropping three sets of hip hop variant covers, Marvel is releasing their fourth cover paying homage to four OG’s in the game. According to Entertainment Weekly, the covers features are dedicated to Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate,” Diggable Planets’ “Blowout Comb,” Method Man’s “Tical” and Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” drawn by Tim Bradstreet, Javier Pulido, Mike Del Mundo and Juan Doe.

Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso told Comic Book Resources,

Hip-hop and Marvel Comics are two vital threads of pop culture that have engaged in dialogue for at least a couple decades. A lot of people know that the Wu-Tang Clan reference Marvel characters in their rhymes, but few people know how many Marvel artists are deeply influenced by hip-hop music and its culture. These covers are an attempt to show that. To demonstrate how these two communities already overlap, and hopefully create [more] overlap; to increase the dialogue and open doors for new readers and new talent.”

The new covers are set to go on sale later this year.


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