Although the Walmart truck crash that put Tracy Morgan in a coma and killed/ injured several others is “old news” for the media, the aftermath is still being relived by the victims’s families as well as Morgan.

An Emmy speech made by Morgan ruffled the feathers of the Walmart truck driver’s attorney. The actor had this to say,

“When I finally regained consciousness, I was ecstatic to learn I wasn’t the one who messed up,” Morgan said. “Only recently I’ve started to feel like myself again.”

David Glassman, attorney for Kevin Roper, the Walmart truck driver, spoke out against the actor for his words, claiming that it would prejudice the court’s decision regarding his client. Glassman said,

…Mr. Roper’s constitutional rights, including the right to have his guilt or innocence decided in a courtroom, as opposed to by the national media or by way of comments made by Mr. Morgan during the nationally televised 67th Annual Emmy Awards…”

While Morgan has every right to talk about what happened, maybe it would be best to wait until after court preceding’s are over.

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