Something amazing happened in the world of blogging a while back, because someone SUPER amazing had the guts to change the voice and content she gave to the world through her blogs.

Necole (formally Necole Bitchie) launched an empowering and uplifting site for women to look to for inspiration. On the new site, you can read stories from every day women who share either stories of struggle and triumph, or maybe a revelation they may have had after a specific event changed the course of their lives.

Either way, we applaud Necole in her endeavors, mainly because the complete shift of content from one end of the spectrum to the next is almost unheard of, especially if it is successful. Many journalists and bloggers feel like they must report on what everyone else is reporting in order to gain readership. XONecole has proved that’s not always the case. Take a look at what some of her readers are saying about the new site.





To have the guts to do what many are afraid to do is the epitome of fearless. In a world where everyone is trying to be the same, to stand out takes courage, and we are excited to see what fellow blogger and her crew have in store for the many years to come. Congrats again, and take a look at her new site here.

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