After months of anticipation, last night’s season two of Empire premiere on Fox took over the internet, as expected.

The season premiere was full of celebrity cameos with Rev. Al Sharpton, Chris Rock, Deray Davis and a host of others all making appearances. The start off to the season was filled with antics just as Empire has always given to us. There was the whole Deray Davis situation, Boo Boo Kitty twerking and the ending with Lucious and Frank. Through all this craziness a couple hilarious lines were bound to be said.

Below, check out the 5 lines we’ll be saying all week because of Empire.

5. “If you’ve got war with her, you’ve got war with me.” -Lucious Lyon

In what seemed like a moment where Lucious was about to turn his back on Cookie he decided against it. This was the line where we saw Lucious essentially take down Frank Gathers.

4. “Kill him. Make it loud and long.” -Lucious Lyons

This came moments after the line above and did Frank Gathers in after he said it. To add insult to injury he made a comment about smashing Franks daughter afterwards. Ouch.

3. “I’m telling mom.” -Hakeem Lyons

Come on Hakeem, really? You’re telling mom on your older brother? What’s a show without silly lines like this?  Moments like this keep the show light hearted when it can sometimes get to serious.

2. “Why you look like Mr. T?” -Lucious

This one is pretty self explanatory. Being the hilarious guy he is while in jail Lucious asks cookie why she looks like Mr. T, as she’s wearing a ton of gold chains and jewelry.

Just check below if you don’t get it.

1. “You can’t even dyke right.” -Cookie

This was nothing short of verbal assault towards poor Boo Boo Kitty. When Cookie said this it was all up and down twitter timelines. Cookie wins in this first episode.

Don’t forget to tune in next week!

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