After months of taking over the music charts with hit after hit, and becoming a hometown hero in the process, Fetty Wap is ready to make his formal debut with the release of his first studio album, Fetty Wap.

The album is scheduled for release tomorrow (Sept.25) but our good friends at NPR have the 20 track self titled album available for live streaming, now. Fetty Wap, the album, includes our favorite hits “Trap Queen” and “679.” Fetty has continued to build anticipation for his album by releasing the “My Way” video as well as a new single from the album “Jugg” featuring Monty.

Listen to the Fetty’s album below via NPR music.

1. “Trap Queen”

2. ” How We Do Things”

3. “679” (feat. Monty)

4. “Jugg” (feat. Monty)

5. “Trap Luv”

6. “I Wonder”

7. “Again”

8. “My Way” (feat. Monty)

9. “Time” (feat. Monty)

10. “Boomin”

11. “RGF Island”

12. “D.A.M”

13. “No Days Off”

14. “I’m Straight”

15. “Couple Bands”

16. “Rock My Chain” (feat. M80)

17. “Rewind” (feat. Monty)

Deluxe Edition:

18.”Let It Bang”

19. “For My Team” (feat. Monty)

20. Whateva (feat. Monty)




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