TIP (this is what T.I. prefers to be called this time around) is gearing up to release more new music for his original fans.  As he told the Ebro in the Morning crew, he wants to go back to the “Rubberband Man” rapper who would have laughed at the version of him who did songs with Robin Thicke.

In this new interview with Ebro on Beats 1, he reveals exactly why he should have never been called T.I. in the first place and the story behind his stage name.

Returning to his hometown persona, TIP’s new project The Dime Trap is set to release on Hustle Gang Records before the end of this year.  Don’t expect too many top 40, radio-friendly hits on this.  TIP is out for blood and ready to give the fans, who’ve been down since his first album dropped in ’01, what they’ve been missing.

This week, he caught up with Ebro on Beats 1 radio to talk more about his upcoming release, his name change, his longevity in the game and more.

Listen to the full interview, here.


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