Ahmed Mohammed’s unlawful arrest hasn’t slowed him down one bit. Ahmed has publicly received offers to come work with everyone from DoSomething.Org to Facebook, he’s received a package from Microsoft that would make the biggest technology buff happy and recently he sat down with Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show to discuss his arrest and what’s next.
Wilmore asked “Be honest, keep it 100. Was it a little cool to be arrested?”
“It was kind of cool,” Mohamed responded while laughing. “The only reason I felt cool about it was because I knew I was innocent and I knew that if I did take it to court, I would win.”
Meanwhile, the teen has withdrawn from the high school that accused him of making a bomb and he’s going to the White House to see President Obama soon. Check out the video, uploaded on Comedy Central’s Facebook page, below.

The Nightly Show – Ahmed Mohamed

Larry Wilmore to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed:"Keep it 100. Was it a little cool to be arrested?"Watch last night's full episode of The Nightly Show: http://on.cc.com/1gRpAmW

Posted by Comedy Central on Thursday, September 24, 2015

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