Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren recently called for a more nuanced fight for social justice, racial discrimination and the end of police brutality dealing with black people in America.

Elizabeth spoke at the Edward M. Kennedy institute for the United States Senate in Boston, which was established by the late Ted Kennedy; Warren’s speech was intertwined with the legacy of the ground breaking 1960s civil rights laws that Kennedy pushed for.

“These laws made three powerful declarations: Black lives matter. Black citizens matter. Black families matter,” she said.

Even with that being said she still later said, “we have not made enough progress,” and centered her speech around the major areas where blacks are still mistreated: voting restriction, police brutality and economic inequality.

She even references Martin Luther King Jr. in her speech talking about when he led thousands of people to marching on Washington the things it was for, which were police brutality, voting restrictions and economic inequality.

The climax of her speech probably came when she mentioned the recent deaths of African Americans in at the hands of police, such as Michael Brown, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray, as well as the tactics that were used by the police to cover these deaths up. 

“This is America, not a war zone, and policing practices in all cities, not just some, need to reflect that,” she said.

The speech was an amazing one. What do you think about Elizabeth Warren’s speech? Let us know in the comments below.



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