Unfortunately the celebration for the release of Fetty Wap‘s debut album was tragically cut short on Saturday (Sept. 26), as Fetty was involved in a critical motorcycle -car crash in his hometown of Paterson, NJ.

Reports said that Fetty was on his motorcycle trying to pass a vehicle, but he didn’t see another coming in the opposite direction and throw collided. He was rushed to the hospital and once photos from the crash surfaced on social media, the hashtag #PrayerForFetty began to trend.

After some time of his condition unknown, his publicist released an official statement:

Fetty Wap was involved in a motorcycle incident earlier today. He was treated at a local hospital and is in stable condition. His family wants to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support. They ask that you respect their privacy during this time. We will provide an update on his condition as it becomes available.”

Shortly there after, DJ Louie Styles posted a picture of Fetty on Twitter telling the world that Fetty was okay. We learn that Fetty suffered a broken leg and he was received three citations from Patterson police for not having a license, registration, or insurance information on hand at the scene.
Fetty took to his Instagram page on Sunday to thank everyone for their support and consider.

His debut self-titled album  is available for sale here.

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