Zendaya is officially a Barbie girl, dreadlocks and all! Barbie recently announced plans to make a barbie doll that would be modeled off of the actress’s look from this year’s Oscars. What makes that look notable is that Zendaya was criticized by former Fashion Police host, Giuliana Rancic, saying that she looked like she smelled like “patchouli oil or weed”. Many, including Zendaya, took offense to the statement and called it prejudice. Zendaya took to her Instagram and wrote an open letter to Giuliana expressing how she felt saying:

“There is already harsh critism of African American hair in society without the hep of igmorant people who chose to judge other based on the curl of their hair. To me locs are a symbol of strength and beauty, almost like a lion’s mane.”

Zendaya was praised for the maturity and class that displayed while handling the situation. Since then, Zendaya has clearly risen above the negativity, so much so, the actress’s controversial look will forever be immortalized in the form of a barbie.

Zendaya took to Instagram, once again, to express her excitement and appreciation for her new barbie:

“When I was little I couldn’t find a Barbie that looked like me, my..how times have changed. Thank you @barbie for this honor and for allowing me to be apart of your diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty. Cant wait to keep doing amazing things with you.”

Congratulations, Zendaya!

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