When Brown University gave Bill Cosby an Honorary Doctorate Degree of humane letters in 1985, they had no intentions of taking it back. Due to the allegations against the comedian and TV legend, the President of Brown has revoked his degree because drugging women and having sexual relations with them is “contrary to the values of Brown.”

Marquette University in Wisconsin and Fordham University in New York have both revoked Cosby’s honorary degrees as well. Marquette presented Cosby with an honorary degree of letters when he spoke at their graduation in 2013. Fordham presented Cosby with an honorary doctorate of fine arts in 2001.

Looks like the only degree he has left is from the University of Notre Dame that he received in 1990 and they have no plans of revoking it. Notre Dame spokesman Paul Browne told the South Bend Tribune, 

Notre Dame has never in its history acted retroactively to rescind an honorary degree previously awarded to individuals for achievements recognized at those times. We have no plans to do so now.

Keyword, now. 

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