Underneath all of the tragedies and sensational stories we are used to hearing in everyday news are brilliant stories that deserve the same shine.

Meet Stephen R. Stafford the brilliant teen who caught our attention five years ago when he began school at Morehouse college at the mere age of 11. This came about after Stephen advanced his home schooling lessons to the point that his mom could no longer compete.

Today, the flourishing teen is doing just fine as he is working towards a triple major at Morehouse College in the areas of pre-med, mathematics and computer science. To add to his list of accomplishments that include playing the piano since he was two he was recently added to the list of “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”

There’s nothing stopping this kid not even the outlandish Georgia law that says students cannot graduate school before 16. Stephen who is now 16 is set to finish up his course work and will receive all his degrees that he’s diligently worked for at 17. From that point he will go on to Morehouse School Of Medicine where is preparing to graduate from med school at 22 years old. By this time Steph will be young man just entering his prime with his whole life still ahead of him. When The Black Youth Project sat down with Stephen and asked him about being such an admirable teen he simply replied, “I’m just like any other kid. I just learn very, very quickly.”

It’s safe to say the world can’t wait to see all that Stephen R. Stafford will accomplish by 30!

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