A man named Austin Crecelius ditched the standard getting on one knee procedure to propose to his girlfriend. Instead he took an approach that would totally catch any woman off guard. His girlfriend once told him that life was like a roller coaster so he proposed to her at the top The Voyage at Holiday World.

The roller coaster ride started off as a normal one before Austin broke into his pitch of getting his girlfriend to marry him.

He talked about how life was like a roller coaster before saying, “It’s got twists and turns and throws you for a loop sometimes. You can do it by yourself, but it’s a lot more fun to go with another person.”

At this point his now fiancée Allie started to catch on just before he asked would she marry him and she answered “yes” with a flurry of tears in the midst of the roller coaster still rolling.

Congrats to Austin & Allie! Watch the proposal below!

About The Author J. Davis

20. Michigan State University Junior.

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