A sad day is coming for those die hard Laker fans that realize Kobe Bryant is playing Basketball on a limited time clock. As the season approaches there are a number of questions surrounding the 37-year-old. Will he retire? Will he leave the Lakers next year in search of that final ring? Will his body last a full season? Despite of all these questions, there are very few answers.

During the Lakers Media Day on Monday (Sept. 28), Kobe tried to provide answers for as many questions as he could. Once you watch the clip there is one thing that’s evident: Kobe is just as confused as we are. He doesn’t know when he plans on retiring or what’s going to push him to retire. It’s also clear that Kobe is coming to terms with the fact that he isn’t superhuman and he will have to one day retire.

Check out the video below, it’s interesting to hear the Mamba talk about retiring.

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