For the new Fader 100 issue, Bajan beauty and pop culture mainstay Rihanna took photos of herself with renowned photographer Renata Raksha.  Writer Mary H.K. Choi penned the insightful cover piece titled, “Becoming Rihanna,” for the special edition issue.

Choi has interviewed Rihanna several times and reflected on their first encounters- before the release of Good Girl Gone Bad- in the story.  While many of us think we know Rihanna, the truth is, we only know what we see of her and what she tells us about herself in the music.  Other than her personal commitment to doing whatever the hell she wants, it’s hard to say we know what makes her tick, who she wants to be and what she truly thinks.

Though Choi was only given the opportunity to ask her 5 questions via email in the interview, we took away a few things in the pre-interview we wanted to share with you.

1.  Before his untimely and tragic death, Rihanna wanted to work with Paul Walker and had interest in an acting career.

When Riri was just 19, Choi interviewed her in a California.  There, she told her of her dreams to act more which came to fruition in films like Pixar’s “Home,” “This is The End” and “Battleship.”

2.  We learned this DOPE fact:

“…in July of this year, she became the first artist to surpass 100 million gold and platinum certifications encompassing 37 separate singles to be the winningest chart-topper in the history of cochleae.

3.  Rihanna is working heavily with famed, Grammy award winning vocal coach Kuk Harrell, who has also worked with the likes of Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Justin Beiber and many more.

While doing press for her PIXAR film, “Home,” she told MTV News she hopes R8 will be more “soulful” than any album she’s ever done before.

4.  The only reason why we think she’s perfect is because she shows us, she’s not.

5.  If you think about it, Rihanna is the most open, private person we know.

The entire Fader article explores what we know about Rihanna.  But, all we know is what she shows us on the various media outlets we frequent, where we can thirst for her without judgement.  She hasn’t done a sit-down interview since Oprah and she might not do another until her album comes out.  But, Choi beautifully shows why we love her: “She feels like she belongs to us.”

Check The Fader for more and watch out for the issue when it hits stands on Oct. 27.

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