It’s been a long time coming for the LA crooner Ty Dolla $ign but on November 13th his debut album Free TC will finally arrive. The title is referring to his brother TC who’s currently in jail for a murder that Dolla $ign says he didn’t commit. The LA singer started off years ago featuring on hooks for the likes of Pac Div, YG, Dom Kennedy and more LA natives before starting to gain his own shine. He’s dropped a couple of mixtapes like Beach House 1 & 2, $ign Language, House On The Hill and the latest one Airplane Mode. He even has an EP tilted the Beach House EP, which boasts the hits “Or Nah” and “Paranoid.” If you’re not familiar with Ty Dolla $igns deeper cuts we have your back. Check out the 10 essential tracks you should listen to before Free TC arrives.


  1. Know You Ain’t Sh*t Prod. Redwine & Chrishan

Mixtape: XXL Freshman 2014 Mixtape

This is a super deep cut that finds its home on the 2014 XXL freshman list, which Ty Dolla $ign was apart of. The song is a different approach for Ty Dolla $ign who usually seems to be pretty care free when it comes to women. “Know You Ain’t Sh*t” is about Dolla $ign basically doing wrong by a woman and regretting it once she left. He manages to stay himself though singing the lines “Many times you said you was leaving/I did not believe it/ I wasn’t really on that b*tch like that damn god why you have to make her thick like that?” If that doesn’t strike a chord what will?


  1. Wood And Leather Prod. Cardo

EP: Beach House EP

“Wood And Leather” is an example of Ty Dolla $ign showing off what many would consider his rap skills. The subject matter here is the same as usual women who love him, cars, and people hating on him. Backed by Cardo the track is no doubt a banger.

  1. Type Of Sh*t I Hate Feat. Fabolous & YG Prod. DJ Mustard

Mixtape: Sign Language

Absolute banger. Ty manages to hold his own with his verse alongside two premier rappers in the game today. He talks about the things he hates regarding women with women who don’t give fellatio and who makes him take them on a ton of dates being atop the list of what he hates. If you aren’t hip the song was first released on the XXL freshman list alongside “Know You Ain’t Sh*t” only featuring Fab with an altnernate ending that has Ty Dolla $ign singing about women who don’t wanna be saved. It’s dope both ways.

  1. Know Y I Came Prod. D.R.U.G.S

Mixtape: Beach House

Songs like “Know Y I Came” are what gives Dolla $ign his reputation as a singer that will say pretty much anything in a song. It’s home on one of his earlier tapes Beach House, which was when Dolla $ign was still carving his lane in R&B. A ratchet one. Check this one out for sure.

  1. 4 A Young Prod. D.R.U.G.S

Mixtape: Beach House

4 A Young has telling Dolla $ign telling us he has someone’s female in the bed with him and it’s graphic. Another vital song in proving he’s not shy about painting a picture. Listen below and you’ll catch our drift.


  1. Ratchet In My Benz Feat. Juicy J Prod. Buddah Shampoo of D.R.U.G.S

Mixtape: Beach House 2

Beach House 2 was full of bangers and “Ratchet In My Benz” is one of the more popular ones with good reasoning. The subject matter is catchy, the beat is bouncy and Juicy J lends a great helping hand. The two mesh well together to create one of Dolla $igns hardest tracks to date.


  1. My Cabana Prod. D.R.U.G.S

Mixtape: Beach House

This track is key in Ty Dolla $ign’s rise to fame and an essential track on the first installment of Beach House. He just wants to know how many women he can fit in his cabana and he asks repeatedly on the hook. The song was so hot that a remix later showed up on Beach House 2 that features Jeezy. Both tracks are nice, but the original suffices perfectly.


  1. Stand For Prod. Diplo

Album/Mixtape: N/A

On “Stand For” he gets a little serious and in the process creates one of his most popular songs today. It was thought to be the lead single on his debut but won’t be despite it getting the visual treatment and racking up nearly 10 million views on youtube. It’s a personal favorite of his own Ty Dolla $ign has revealed in an interview. He says that with good reason.


  1. Or Nah Prod. DJ Mustard

EP: Beach House EP

This is one of the tracks that helped Ty Dolla $ign blow up. With DJ Mustard providing Ty with an absolute jewel on the beat Ty asks women are they down or not over and over again. It’s a song that shows the songwriter in the crooner and he hits a total homerun with this. He brings Wiz along for the ride and he delivers a memorable verse that helped the song land just inside the top 50 on the Billboard chart. The song later would receive a remix that features The Weeknd and make the song even hotter, but it all started right here.

  1. Paranoid Prod. DJ Mustard

EP: Beach House EP

This track was the definition of catchy and is what catapulted Dolla $ign into stardom. DJ Mustard came through with the extra nice beat and Dolla $ign and Joe Moses knocked this one out of the park. Who doesn’t want to hear a song about being paranoid about seeing two of his females in the club? Men go through that constantly. The song went through of series of features with B.O.B being on the radio version and Trey Songz and French Montana lending their helping hands on the Beach House EP. Before all that it found it’s home on DJ Mustard’s summer mixtape Ketchup. If you haven’t heard this one you’ll love it for sure.

Free TC arrives November 13th! You can pre-order the album right here.

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