Brian and Stephanie Tobe wrapping up their final touches before heading outside at The Lodge at Torrey Pines to say “I do,” to each other last Sunday (Oct. 11). Unbeknownst to them, President Barack Obama was also at the Torrey Pines, playing a round of golf.

According wedding photographers, Erin and Jeff Youngrens, the Tobes was elated to learn that the president was at the estate in which their nuptials was taking place.

“Brian and Stephanie were SO EXCITED that he was there,” they wrote on their blog.

“We laughed and joked all morning and tried to get a peek of him through the curtains, feeling honored just to be at the same location.”

As the pair wrapped up their last minute details, they saw the president making his way to the eighteenth hole, specifically where their wedding was taking place. Quickly, the pair sprinted from their hotel balcony to the golf course to interact with him. “I picked up my wedding dress and started running down the hall,” said Mrs. Tobe. She made it in just in time to meet the leader of the free world!

Mrs. Tobe told NBC, “When I was running up to him, I just started crying, I was in a complete state of shock.” The Youngrens praised the President for being so kind. “President Obama was kind and wonderful. When he shook Brian’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony,” they said. Check out the Instagram video and photos below.


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