Ebony magazine held no bars with their latest and possibly greatest cover yet, the Cosby vs. Cliff. The cover featured a two decade old photo of the beautiful, black and successful family that some of us grew up watching and the rest of us grew to love with glass shattering over it with a heavier concentration over Cosby’s face. This cover comes after a whole year of over 50 women alleging that Cosby drugged and raped them. These encounters date back for decades, including the time he spent making our hearts smile as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

As soon as the cover hit social media, the amount of tweets and posts stacked up. Some people were outraged, hurt and disappointed by Ebony while some agreed and applauded them. The in-depth cover story was written by Goldie Taylor delivers the hard truth that may make some uncomfortable. Editor-in-chief Kierna Mayo wrote on Facebook (before the post was deleted) that:

“I believe with everything that our collective healing (from this and all traumas) is tied to baring truths, confronting selves and dismantling crutches. We aim to uplift. However sometimes before you rise up, you break down.”

Mayo was interviewed by CNN and said that she knows that some African Americans feel that this type of public discussion of the Cosby scandal is “airing dirty laundry” and threatening the image of “black-family perfection” but Mayo feels that Cosby’s effect on black America this can not be ignored.

Mayo took to Twitter to defend Ebony’s decision.


Despite heavy backlash, Mayo has a good amount of supporters behind her and the Ebony team. Check out Tweets below.

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