For his latest track “Chains” Usher decided to do something special while infusing technology on a whole new level.

On Friday, the Grammy award winner released visuals for his new track, which features Nas and Bibi Bourelli, exclusively via Tidal. The song addresses racial injustice and is straight to the point with the words “while racial injustice keeps killing, society keeps looking away” flashing across the screen.

While the track is playing, the faces of those that have been killed due to run ins with law enforcement and surrounding racial tension are presented on the screen in black and white. The faces that come across the screen include Trayvon Martin, Kendrick Johnson, Marlon Brown, Rekia Boyd, Andrew Joseph, Caesar Cruz, and Sean Bell and not only does their face pop up but the events that led to their death is on the screen as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.36.54 AM

If you haven’t noticed you can’t click on another internet browser without the song shutting off. That’s where the technology aspect of this comes into play. The song merges facial recognition technology with music, Tidal announced in a Facebook post. The company says it’s the first of its kind and a great introduction to a different type of learning experience.

Usher is scheduled to perform this song at the Tidal X: 1020 concert in Brooklyn tomorrow. The families of the victims that are displayed in the video will be at the concert, and proceeds of the song will be put toward groups that advocate for change and social impact.

Watch the video on TIDAL here.

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