Meet Mrs. Brelyn Bowman, the young black woman whose wedding to gospel singer Tim Bowman went viral after she presented her father with her “Certificate Of Purity.” This special document got the official stamp and seal from her doctor indicating that she was physically still a virgin.

  To add icing on the cake her father is not your average dad. Dr. Mike Freeman is the senior pastor of Spirit Of Faith Christian Center with not just one but three church locations throughout the DMV area. So, this isn’t just a big deal to everyone else but it’s something that is very sacred and uplifted by her family. Dr. Freeman took to social media to let his daughter know just how truly proud he is and why it will never register with the rest of the world.

She is living proof that not everyone is participating in pre-marital sex and further more that young girls and women can wait if they choose too. Mrs. Bre took to Instagram to lavishly highlight the entirety of her special day while letting her haters know she is not here for their approval. She is simply living her truth and having it up on her honey-moon/bae-cation with not a negative care in the world.

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