As things are warming up in the presidential campaign, it was said that Vice President Joe Biden was going to announce that he was jumping in the race as well. With no official word yet, The Washington Post accidentally published an article on Monday to their website titled “Biden to launch a presidential campaign.”

With this being big news, the quick clickers already saw this and clicked the article. It led them to a page that was titled “Editor’s Note” that read, “This file was inadvertently published.”

So what exactly happened here? The story was written as a “shell” story – a story that was prepared to be published with a click of a button in case Biden did announce his launch.

Post congressional reporter Paul Kane who’s name was on the story, took it to his 10,000 followers on Twitter to explain the glitch. He tweeted,

Earlier tonight, a technical glitch caused publication of a just-in-case/when-we-kno story of VP running for president. It happened when editors were embedding video file. It carries my byline. I regret that it was published accidentally. Deep apologies. Finally, to be clear, we don’t know if it’s a yes or a no. Full disclosure: I have a he-says-no-story also written.

The Washington Post spokesperson confirmed Kane’s twitter account and added,

The story was immediately pulled down and the Post regrets the error.

The Post has been giving competitors a run for breaking news stories in recent months and after announcing their traffic records of 2015, it could put them on their way to be matching The New York Times online by 2016.

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