Kevin Hart got into a bit of commotion over the weekend that ended in a shoving match, a waitress who got stuck with the bill and a broken cell phone.

It all started with Kevin’s bodyguards pushing through the crowd to make their exit with the security at the club not being to fond of that and resulted in them pushing back.

A scuffle ensued with Kevin ending up in the street, where Hart didn’t take to kindly to being filmed while this was going on, so he took a hold of the phone, threw it and broke it.

Also in the video, there’s a angry waitress who approaches Kevin’s SUV, angry that Hart ran out on the $65 bill. The waitress eventually walks back empty handed, still angry.

The strip club owner would later go on to say Kevin Hart is a good guy, it was a misunderstanding and he’ll cover the tab.

Head over to TMZ for the footage.

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