When it comes to his genius behind videos, fashion and certain songs Pharrell Williams has kept quiet and not revealed to much information. From the looks of it that will soon change, as Pharrell will be sitting down with Jason King to talk about what has made him a pioneer.

Jason King, who’s an NYU professor and an NPR host, will sit down with Williams on October 26 in New York City’s hall, for a conversation about Pharrell’s undying legacy in fashion, music, and entertainment. The conversation will go back in time to when he was young making hits in Virginia Beach during the early 90’s and touch on the genius of him and Chad Hugo who both were named Billboard‘s producers of the decade in 2010.

The Virginia native has created hits for the likes of Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Nelly and Robin Thicke among a ton of others so it’s no surprise everyone wants a peak into his musical process. As far as fashion goes, Pharrell has kept up a signature style that includes his signature hat, sneakers and his own clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club, IceCream or his many Adidas collaborations.

The Dean of the Tisch School of Arts, Allysson Green, is excited to have Pharrell on board for the series according to a statement released by the university.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pharrell Williams as our artist in residence for the 50th anniversary year of the Tisch School of the Arts. Pharrell is just the kind of artist and entrepreneur that many of our students aspire to become. He is remarkably gifted, and he graciously uses his talent for the good of others. Our students and faculty will have the unique opportunity to be in conversation with an artist whose work is an inspiration and widespread. Pharrell has demonstrated a commitment to education in communities across the country. He’s dedicated to raising awareness to climate change, and he has taken ‘happiness’ from the stage and screen to people around the world through his work with the United Nations.”

As of now the event is only open to NYU faculty and students, but for those who can’t be in attendance, the conversation can be heard on NPR Music.

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