Fashion is often times used as a means of self-expression and the D.C.- based clothing brand GLOSSRAGS is doing just that. The mission behind GLOSSRAGS is to spread awareness of the social injustice and police brutality that haunts the black community on a daily through fashion.

Ever since the company was founded in 2014 by Randi Gloss, GLOSSRAGS clothing have released several different limited edition collections that have been sported widly by supporters of the Black Lies matter movement– including the 2015 “Stay Woke” collection and the “And Counting” collection. The “Stay Woke” collection featured nylon jackets that had the Adinkra symbol on the front, standing for “law, order, slavery and captivity”, while the back featured the “Stay Woke” logo.

The “Stay Woke” collection quickly sold out of it’s entire outerwear stock. But do not fret, Gloss recently announced that GLOSSRAGS will be re-releasing the line of jackets as well as crewnecks on Nov.1 at Maketto, a store located in Washington D.C.

While you wait, you can check out the photos of the “Stay Woke” collection below and take your pic, also be sure to check out the “And Counting” collection as well as others on the store website.

image image image image

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