Empire writers Carlito Rodriguez and Malcolm Spellman are writing a movie based on the life of Sugar Hill Records co-founder Sylvia Robinson, a.k.a. “The Mother Of Hip-Hop.”

This movie will revolve around Sugar Hill’s mission to put out the first record of rap music, with a more compelling direction of presenting a life story. Of course, this movie will be musically centered and driven but this time it will be for the silver screen.

As one of hip hops most influential innovators, this movie will outline Robinson’s tremendous role and how she broke the barriers as a woman and became a staple in the hip hop world with her old school Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.”

With this being Rodriguez and Spellman first movie collaboration, we can still have high expectations just based off their talents from Empire.

Find out more about Sylvia and why she is so dope, below.

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