Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday (October 21st)  that he will not be running for President. With this announcement, industry supporter, Jay Sures, told The Hollywood Reporter that Bernie Sanders is “a little too far to the left” for undecided Hollywood Democrats and because of that, they will now rally their support behind Hillary Clinton.

Sures, who had been hoping for Biden to run, said that Sanders will most likely not get support from major entertainment industry donors:

“He has good ideas but the substantial political decision makers in Hollywood who were undecided will now throw their weight behind Hillary- including myself.”

Sures, although disappointed, understood why Biden chose not to run for candidacy:

” It was a long road for him, obvisiously a complicated road for him. I just dont think he had it in him for a long drawn out 12-month campaign. I think at the end of the day, people are going to get behind Hillary.”

Although he would like to back Biden for presidency, he will now support Hillary because he believes the Republicans are crazy:

” I dont regret my support for him. It came from the highest and most respected point of view. At the end of the day, of course, I’m going to support Hillary because if you look at these Republicans, they’re crazy. How can anybody in their right mind in Hollywood vote for sombody that doesn’t believe in substantial gun control, that isn’t for a woman’s right to choose or on the right side of marriage equality.”

Despite Biden’s decision to not run, Sures believes Biden will continue to play an important role in politics:

“I have a feeling he’ll be called on many, many times in the future by whoever the next president is for his advice and point of view. He’s one of the smartest guys out there and really understands the business of politics.”

It seems like Hollywood has spoken, Hillary for President 2016.

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