Once again, Rick Ross is left to clean up a big mess between Meek Mill and Wale. Earlier this week Wale did an interview and he was asked about his thoughts on the Meek Mill vs. Drake situation. When the D.C. Rapper said he felt like Meek “brought a pencil to a gun fight,” the internet went crazy, Meek included. Meek kicked Wale out of MMG for the second time in two years (#UNOTMMG) and the two rappers seemed to be at odds again. Now just as quick as it started back up, it has ended… At least according to Rick Ross.


Ross sent a video to TMZ saying that the beef was over and both Meek and Wale and the two would be working together on the upcoming MMG compilation album, Self Made Vol. 4. I want to believe Ross, but he said this same thing last July when Meek blasted Wale for not tweeting about his album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. When Wale was asked when was the last time he talked to Meek, the rapper said not since the incident popped off although he tried to call after it happened and even tired to visit Meek when he went to jail. Nevertheless, currently there’s no release date for the album, let’s hope these two can get along long enough to complete a song.

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