Depositions are one of the worst places for musicians when they have to go through one. It’s basically a meeting of lawyers with the people that are suing, which they try to get the person being sued to admit, stumble up on some type of evidence that can prove wrongdoing. They ask a series of confusing questions and pretty much pick at the person being sued until they can’t anymore. It can be a long grueling process for the person going through it but sometimes entertaining for those looking in. The deposition in the case of Marvin Gaye’s estate Vs. Pharrell Williams was recently released and the Virginia native looks anything but happy.

In the clips, obtained by Hollywood Reporter, Pharrell is bombarded with a series of questions related to his overall knowledge of music. Early on he’s answering the questions but eventually it’s easy to tell how uncomfortable he is answering the questions. At one point during the whole debacle, he answers “I don’t feel comfortable,” when asked about his ability to read music.

Get a close look at this video ladies and gentleman, because this is the closest we’ll probably ever get to seeing Pharrell angry.

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