Currently still sitting at number 2 on the charts Drake’s hit “Hotline Bling” still hasn’t managed to nab the number one spot, and now it’s unlikely that it will ever take the top spot. During a live airing of the top 10 countdown Billboard announced that the song will remain at number 2, while The Weeknd’s “The Hills” will remain atop the chart.

Most would think with the non stop memes and videos of Drake dancing that the video would have sent the song to number 1 instantly. It could have, but it didn’t. Here’s why: The views from the video didn’t count towards his streaming number because it was released exclusively through Apple Music instead of Vevo or Youtube. Basically, the song could have went number 1 if it wasn’t for his deal with Apple.

Next week looks to be a tougher time to take the number 1 spot with Adele’s newly released single “Hello” expected to go number 1 on the charts. Recently, Drake said this would be his biggest accomplishment to date throughout his career (which has many milestones) but it doesn’t look like this is quite the time for it. Better luck next time Drizzy.


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