Trap music fans everywhere started to rejoice when Offset, a member of the Migos, called into a radio station back in May and said that he is expected to be released in three weeks. But nearly 6 months later, Offset is still behind bars, having being denied bail for the third time.

Offset, alongside other group mates Quavo and Takeoff, were arrested after a concert at Georgia Southern University. Quavo and Takeoff were arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession, felony possession of a schedule II narcotic and carrying a loaded gun on school property. Offset was charged with gun possession by a convicted felon so he was not able to secure bond with the other two.

Currently, according to the Statesboro Herald, the most recent denial comes from an Oct.9th hearing, in which Offset denied anytime of gang affiliation. Despite that, Judge John R. Turner denied Offset bail anyway. Offset remains in jail awaiting trail.

Offset was also in jail while the Migos were riding to the top in 2013 with her hit single ” Versace” and Yung Rich Niggas mixtape. While Offset has been away, Quavo and Takeoff have dropped the groups debut album, Yung Rich Nation. It is rumored that the group finished their second album some time ago.

Source: XXL

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