Adele shocked us all when the news came out about her releasing a video for the single, “Hello”, off her upcoming album, but who knew the British singer had another trick up her sleeve. On top of blessing us with a new single, the video featured “90210” and “The Wire” actor Tristan Wilds, but known to the music world as Mac Wilds. Wilds played the Adele’s love interest.

The pair, seemly odd at first, gave 89.9 million of us a very believable show. According to MTV News, Wilds knew the shock that would come from this which is why decided to not speak on it until after the video was released. He only told his manager and mom because he ” likes to see the looks on people’s faces when something big like this happens.”

Wilds also talked to Entertainment Weekly about how he landed the gig through a Skype call with director Xavier Dolan, ” As soon as he reached out, I was excited and wanted to see what he had to talk about and his thought process behind it”, Wilds said. ” And once we got on the Skype and he started speaking about it, just his passion behind it and how much we wanted to put into it and the emotion he wanted to get across sold me. I told him ‘ If you want me, you got me. I am completely 100 percent in it.'”

For the “four to five day” shoot, Wilds traveled to Montreal where he heard the single for the very first time, ” She’s amazing. Usually people are very awe struck, and at first I was — she’s a very beautiful young lady — but I think very very quickly in, she made it easy for everyone to feel at home. It felt like all of us were friends, we were all just having fun on set.”

In the video, you can hear conversations that Adele and Wilds are having as it flashes back to their time together. Wilds said that most of the time, the conversations were improvised, “For a while we kind of just sat in a room and he recorded it. A lot of the stuff he recorded–our conversations or questions that he asked or different times we were laughing our joking around– [he] kind of put that stuff on camera. It was amazing to watch.”

Wilds was also asks during his interview if he heard the album and Wilds responded very shyly with a not so believable ” Maybe. Maybe not.” He went on to say, ” I don’t think I’m allowed to tell. Anyone, if you have a heart, is going to love this album.”

“Hello” already has us on our feet so one can only imagine the greatness that will follow. We suggest you start warming up your vocal cords now. Check out the video for the first time, third time and even eighth time below.

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