Don’t call it a comeback.

Gangsta Gibbs has been quiet but it’s probably because he’s been working on this album that he announced today. On November 20 Freddie Gibbs will release his third LP Shadow Of Doubt, his first project since 2014’s Pinata. The music rollout has started already, with Gibbs dropping the Bo1-1da produced “F*ckin’ Up The Count,” that has a matching set of visuals.

Being the story teller Gibbs is, he details what happens when the numbers don’t add up for those who are sheisty. Moral of the story don’t mess with Gibbs Money. You can check that out below.

In a kill all birds with one stone type deal, Gibbs also shared the tracklist with us for the forthcoming album and gave out the pre-order link. The tracklist boasts features from E-40, Gucci Mane, Black Thought and even Tory Lanez. The album is 17 tracks long and you can view the tracklist below. Pre-Order here.

  1. Rearview
  2. Narcos
  3. Careless
  4. Fuckin’ Up The Count
  5. Extradite (feat. Black Thought)
  6. McDuck (feat. Dana Williams)
  7. Mexico (feat. Tory Lanez)
  8. Packages (feat. ManMan Savage)
  9. 10 Times (feat. Gucci Mane & E-40)
  10. Lately
  11. Basketball Wives
  12. Forever and a Day
  13. Insecurities
  14. Freddie Gordy
  15. Cold Ass Nigga
  16. My Boy (Bonus Track)
  17. 10 Chickens (Bonus Track)

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