A touching but equally as hilarious video surfaced on the Internet of a Gerogia police officer hitting the Quan with a group of students outside a local community center.

The 30 second video recieved over 5,000 Facebook views and over 200,000 views.  In the video, the officer is doing his best interpretation of the dance craze “Hit the Quan”. The first time around the officer could only “get down low and swing his arms” once but gestured for the students to hold up and give him one more chance. When the verse came back around and it was time for the officer to prove himself, he did just that. The officer got down low with the students several times which stirred a large positive reaction from onlookers who didn’t believe he had in in him.

At the expense of that Officers now tired knees, we got a good laugh. Check out the video below, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Y.K.G   @ Stone Mountain Community Center doing the Hit The Quon…. W /  Gwinnett County police officer…Mr.K Martinez.

Posted by Ykg Musiq Page on Saturday, October 17, 2015

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