Lamar Odom’s health has been steadily improving since he was hospitalized earlier this month, but he remains in the hospital. His wife Khloe Kardashian has been beside him the entire time, and he’s had an assortment of visitors. None of those visitors have been his father though, despite his father trying to see him.

Joe Odom did an impromptu interview with TMZ Sports last night and revealed that over the last couple of days he hasn’t been allowed access to see his son. He’s not 100 percent sure why, but he suspects it has something to do with Khloe Kardashian. He says that she’s in charge of the list of visitors and he was left off the list this week.

“They let other people see my son that is not even related to him,” he says.

Odom’s father is confused on the situation and has no idea why he’s being left off the list. He went on to say he doesn’t know why anyone would want to keep him from seeing his son. You can check out the video over at TMZ Sports.

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