Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ for Run-DMC was only 37 years old when he was shot and killed in a Queens recording studio on October 30, 2002.

Jason Mizell AKA Jam Master Jay had been at the studio with friends and his assistant when an unknown man dressed in black entered the studio, gave Jay an introductory hug, then proceeded to pull a .40-caliber pistol on him. The unknown killer fired two rounds, one hitting Jay’s friend, Uriel Rincon, in his left leg and the second hitting Jay in the head killing him instantly, before he even hit the floor. The unknown man and his accomplice fled the scene right after the shots were fired.

Along with being a founding member of the group Run-DMC, he also mentored 50 Cent and platinum-selling rap group Onyx.

Vincent Santangelo, the head detective on the case, told the NY Daily News in 2010 that:

“We never really had a good lead. Nobody would or nobody could tell us the who or what. We’re still looking for that person.”

Nowadays, authorities suspect that a man named Ronald Washington, either acted as a lookout or pulled the trigger. Washington was never charged in the murder, and is now serving a 17-year stint for armed robbery.

In the gallery below, feel free to check out some tributes via social media., and here’s a video mix of some songs:

RIP Jam Master Jay.

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