Oh… That’s so Raven!

Viewers of the daytime talk show The View have created a petition addressed to Barbara Walters asking for the removal of Raven-Symoné from the show and asking for her to be replaced by someone whose views are representative of “African Americans and black people around the diaspora” and not someone whose views are of what “white people want us to say”. So far the Change.Org petition has 90,292 signatures.

The petition comes after Symoné’s comments about the assault on a Spring Valley High School student in South Carolina by the Student Resource Officer. Raven-Symoné suggested that it wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t on her cell phone.

The petition has a goal of 150,000 signatures. One thing for sure, Raven was added because of her controversial opinion, it gets social media talking, even if almost all of it is negative. Some think that she was added to save the show since it has taken a dip in ratings over the last few years, so it would be interesting to see if anyone from the show will acknowledge this petition. Plus, how many of those 90 thousand people watch the view frequently?

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