The lawyer for the 16-year-old student seen being thrown across the classroom on Monday said his client “could have been left alone.” Attorney Todd Rutherford told the Los Angeles Times that the Spring Valley High School student  identified as “Shakara,” had obeyed orders to put the phone away, but not in a timely matter. According to her lawyer, she wasn’t disrupting the class In any capacity. The incident began when she used her phone in math class and didn’t follow orders from her teacher and a vice principal to leave class. When she failed to follow the school resource officer Ben Fields’ orders to leave, he grabbed and flipped her from her desk and then threw her across the floor. Rutherford said she didn’t leave the classroom as requested because she thought the punishment was unfair since she already put the phone away. Fields, a Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy, was fired from his job on Wednesday for violating department training and now the FBI and Justice Department are investigating the case.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page started by “Shakara’s” lawyer has raised over $30,000. The money raised on that page will go towards her medical bills, legal fees, and educational expenses. Rutherford added that the girl also suffered a broken arm, along with rib, back, neck, and shoulder injuries during the arrest.


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